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Grant bio
Name: Grant McHolland
Age: 26 years old
Height: 6" 1"
Weight: 185 lb.
Abilities: None
Hair: Dark Brown
Preferred Style of Clothing: Leather Riding Jackets with Chaps. Is not against wearing a suit, but prefers to dress in a more laid back fashion.
Character Info: Being the firstborn son of a wealthy family, Grant has been given the privilege of a more indulgent life. Although he comes off as a millionaire playboy, he is a romantic at heart, and loyal to those he considers his close friends. Although he is a romantic, he is extremely faithful, often pointing out he is married whenever he meets a girl. His appearance is a man who enjoys the more positive things in life regardless of the amount of negatives. He can easily fly off the handle if provoked, but will attempt to keep calm and civilized as long as he can.
After learning about his wife's pregnancy, Grant fell into a slump after realizing the responsibilities that would be thrust upon him by inheriting his father's automotive indu
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Yura Bio
Name: Yutaka "Yura" Katsuhara
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5" 6"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Abilities: none
Hair: Various shades of light and dark brown
Preferred style of clothing: Form fitting jeans; tall boots, tennis shoes, and sandals (prefers anything over high heels); no personal preference in upper body wear
Character info: although she has a youthful appearance, Yura tends to avoid her youthful features in order to feel like she's being taken seriously. She is not afraid to express her emotions and will let anyone within earshot to know if she is irritated or distressed. After offering Raito a free meal, a group of thugs began to harass her. After fighting back and dislocating one of the thug's jaws, they decided to do what they wanted with her, but before they could do anything, Raito stepped in and singlehandedly took care of the thugs in return to Yura's generosity, destroying the bar in the process and causing a large amount of property damage. Because Yura had brought Raito into the b
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Raito Bio
Name: Raito
Age: unkown
Height: 5" 10"
Weight: 165 lb.
Abilities: Superhuman acceleration and reflexes. His fastest speed is mach 1. (although he has never reached this speed, as he cannot move at intense speeds for long periods of time
Hair: Blonde
Preferred style of clothing: Loose fitting or worn out clothes. Prefers to wear a parka.
Character info: Raito's past is a mystery to himself. His earliest memories can only date
back to as far as six months before meeting Yura. He was taken in by a group of homeless people when they found him wandering the streets in nothing but a lab coat, staring at the moon with tears flowing down. A common occurring in Raito's behavior, is whenever he sees a feat of nature, life, or technology, he instantly cries, but can't find a reason why. Upon causing Yura to lose her job and receive a large amount of debt, he vows to repay her in any way he can, no matter how long it would take him. Raito's superhuman abilities are a mystery to him, but his ea
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DA crack pairing colored by sanoblaze DA crack pairing colored :iconsanoblaze:sanoblaze 5 7
Zephyre's first assignment
hello my dear students!~ it is I, you're wonderful professor of magick control, Zephyre!~ now, seeing as how the year is sill young~, I'm going to assign a simple task for my dear little students!~
now, the task I wish for you to perform will both show control and your creativity!~ all I desire is that you make a shape using your own little abilities dears!~ now when I say I want you to use your elemtnal abilities, I mean you be controlling your element making it into a shape!~ no smolders or carved stones!~~~
and by shapes I mean feel free to pick watever you like!~ circles, squares, triangles, octagons!~~~~~ it doesnt matter to me!~~~ completing this exercise will not only increase your endurance and control on your element, it will also allow your little creative minds to flow!~
isn't that just lovely my precious little students?~ go out and work hard for your wonderful professor!~~~
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kiriban catch by sanoblaze kiriban catch :iconsanoblaze:sanoblaze 1 20 sano id by sanoblaze sano id :iconsanoblaze:sanoblaze 7 1 Bad Academy Zephyre by sanoblaze Bad Academy Zephyre :iconsanoblaze:sanoblaze 2 6 chibi lizzy art trade 83 by sanoblaze chibi lizzy art trade 83 :iconsanoblaze:sanoblaze 0 0 Vampire Hunter Vahn by sanoblaze Vampire Hunter Vahn :iconsanoblaze:sanoblaze 3 9 DA application Vahn by sanoblaze DA application Vahn :iconsanoblaze:sanoblaze 6 21
OC interview Vahn
Use the questions in this quiz and one of your OC's must answer all of them.
Tag 4 people in your watch or friends lists.
1. What is your name? Vahn Silverburgh
2. What is your species? Human. but more specifically a medium.
3. What is your current occupation? private detective.
4. What is your current residence? a boarding house.
5. Is there any one that you hate? no. I try not to hate people. at most I dislike them immensley.
6. How old are you? 20.
7. Is there any artist's you like? there are many artists I like. too many to name
8. Why do you like this artist?I'm easy to please when it comes to artwork.
9. What do you think about your creator? sano? well, let's see... he's not very good at drawing. he'd admit that before I would. but he tries. he'd rather write than draw.
10. Is there anyone you are dating? nope. not yet.
11. Moving on... do you have any relatives? well, other than my older sister, no. my mother passed away giving birth to me, and my father succombed to a heart a
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guess what I beat

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 2, 2013, 9:04 PM

It's a good game.

You should play it.

It's a good game.

  • Playing: Journey

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